Saturday, September 29, 2012

Not just another brick in the wall

This blog is based on one of the pictures that I came across facebook today. Infact just two days before I had this thought on my mind. I don't want to just live a life like any other normal ordinary individual whose presence or absence doesn't make a major difference to the world except at the elementary level. I want to be a significant contributor wherever I am and in whatever I am doing. I should be the outstanding figure in any group I am and I must strive hard to live these thoughts in reality. The photo that coincided with this thought was of a wall where all bricks were red in colour except for one. This one was blue in colour hoarding the quote which is the title of this blog.

That's when I decided to pen down this blog. No wonder that perfection is hard to achieve and almost impossible in many cases. But you can be sure that when you're marching towards perfection you'll meet excellence on the way for sure. There were so many freedom figthers but how many of them do we really remember barring a few names? No doubt that the contribution of each and every freedom fighter towards freedom struggle was important but there were a few names who made a major significant contribution and hence they are not just one among the rest others. Similarly if you are a student in school or college, do you prefer to be just another student in the class or do you want to be the best student who is also the class monitor depends upon your choice. If you're an employee in a job or a partner in a business, the choice to be the best employee of the company or the best employer of the business is in your hands. To be the best you need to contribute the most. Most of them are in the delusion that, more the one is provided with chances and resources, more can one contribute and be the best. I pity at such low thoughtful people. When the resources are restricted and limited, the one who extends and expands himself to the maximum to contribute in the most efficient manner becomes the best. Everyone can work and produce results when sufficient chances and resources are provided but only the champions who just don't want to be one among such everyones, work hard to produce the same results with lesser chances and resources. To not be just another brick in the wall, this brick was painted blue and also was embossed with the quote on it. So what more can you do than the others and what distinctive positive differences can be found between you and the ordinary normals are what that determine your speciality.

Life is once my dear friends! There is no point in living it away like the others do. Let's be differently eye-catching in some way atleast. Also let this difference be shown in the work that we produce with positive results with much more impact than that done by anyone else. Try to be special in some or the other way of your choice. You don't have to think out of the box to be extraordinary. Just do a little bit extra than the ordinary and you will be extraordinary.
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