Saturday, September 15, 2012

No short-cuts then easier-cuts

'There are no short-cuts to success' is one of the most common heard adage from majority of the people. Hurdles and challenges are the components that exist by default in our journey towards success. Many of them try to look out for short-cuts and end up in long hours to come out of those short-cuts to the main roads to reach success. Then what are these new cuts, the easier-cuts?

Today, I was suppose to reach my office from my home using my bike. Yesterday I had taken the normal route via main road and it had taken almost fifty minutes to reach the office due to traffic jam. So today I took a different route avoiding main roads as much as possible and I was able to reach my office within a matter of fifteen minutes. This taught me a lesson. I hadn't travelled lesser distance on either of the days. I had travelled the same distance but the time taken and the petrol spent were different in amounts on both occasions. I already had the experience of traffic jam on the earlier route. Hence I took a new route which had meagre traffic the next time. Once we are experienced at solving problems, we can solve the same repeating problems again. Right? Why do you want to face the same problems again? Just avoid them friend! Move onto a new route with less problems when the same route can lead you to the same destination.

Ultimately at the end of the day reaching our destination is our purpose. Life always will bestow upon us the experience and wisdom needed to reach our goals and visions. There is no point in searching for shortcuts for the same. Probably you can find and use the easier-cuts once you have seen the harder ones which is called usage of experience.

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