Saturday, September 29, 2012

Learn the limits

Albert Einstein quoted that universe and human stupidity were infinite, while he was doubtful of the former one. No wonder that there is no limit to human stupidity. Its keeps growing day by day limitlessly. However apart from time and space which are eternal, everything else has a limit to its existence. Same is the scenario when it comes to we, humans. There is no question on the capacity of a human being which remains an ocean to be explored and exploited but in spite of this capacity there are certain shortcomings that we need to accept. These are called the limits or the check points which we need to learn about.

Everyone is blessed with some strengths and some weaknesses. There are positives and negatives in each and every individual. We can make a note of all our strengths and weaknesses. Earlier philosophy was to convert our weaknesses into strengths. As time progressed and the limit of available work time to finish all the tasks at hand started to crunch, new philosophy evolved which asked to only strengthen the strengths and just manage the weaknesses. I can be sure that the next philosophy to take birth will be a combination of both the earlier ones which will ask you to simultaneously strengthen your strengths while converting your weaknesses into strengths. Whichever of these philosophies you choose to follow is upto you as long as your work is completed within the time limit in the best expected manner. There are certain limits that we are used to till now in our lives. For example, one cannot go on continuously working for more than 8 hours, one cannot be awake for more than 16 hours continuously, one cannot read for more than 4 hours a day, one cannot sleep for more than 9 hours a night, one cannot write more than ten blogs a day etc. With respect to any work or fun we are involved in, we have certain threshold points beyond which we cannot go on. It's very important to be aware of such thresholds for the self in regard to various activities that we perform. These are what I call as limits and I advocate everyone of you reading this blog to learn such limits of yourself.

The disadvantage of being ignorant of such limits is that once you have tipped off the threshold for any such activity, you start feeling dragged towards the activity be it fun or work instead of being motivated. When you try to extend beyond the limit, you might end up with disturbed feelings and emotions which will further hamper the next course of action. When you are aware of your own limits, then you will clearly know as to when to take a break. Knowing your limits will also help you to plan your work and fun in proper balance to have a well-balanced life. Hence I reiterate to learn your limits.
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