Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Every act counts

"Once upon a time there was a small kid by name Monu in a village who started going to school at the age of 5. Since there was no transport facility the small child had to walk for a mile to the school and walk back the same distance. Everyday Ramu's dad used to give one rupee to Monu and allowed him to spend or save it as he wished. Once, on the way back to home Monu found a balloon seller and was very fascinated by seeing the colourful balloons. He bought 2 balloons with one rupee which he had got in the morning from his father. He tried to blow the balloons but they were tough for the small kid. Then Monu saw a tap nearby and an idea clicked in his mind. He kept the balloons under the tap water and the water filled the balloons making them big. Monu was very happy and started carrying the balloons all the way home.

This continued for a couple of days and one day a small thorn pricked one of the balloons and the water started sprinkling out of the holes. This was even more fascinating to see. Hence Monu picked up the thorn and made few more holes on both the balloons. By the time he would reach home all water would be sprinkled out of the balloons on both sides of the way Monu had walked. This went on for a few months and Monu observed something really unexpected and a marvellous change. He noticed that on both sides of the path he used to walk daily there were small plants growing day by day and small buds had started to take birth. Monu was filled with joy. Hence Monu decided to continue the same act of his everyday. Within next few months Monu could see a stretch of beautiful flowers all along the path.

One fine day in the morning Monu's dad asked Monu as to what he had done with all the one rupees he had got for so many months. Monu replied that he had spent it all. Father was very unhappy that Monu hadn't learnt the lesson of saving money and had spent all of it. He scolded Monu and warned him that he wouldn't get any money from then on. Monu was afraid to speak seeing his father in such anger and went to school silently. But that evening he didn't have the money to buy balloons to water the flowers. He felt really hurt seeing the flowers on his way back home that he couldn't water them. Then Monu gained his courage back and went to his dad to take him out for a walk. Father was still angry with Monu but obliged to the kid's request. Monu took his dad near the rows of flowered plants and explained how he had spent all the one rupees. Father was in tears seeing the scene and hugged Monu and kissed him. Father realised that Monu hadn't spent the money, infact he had invested it. He also informed Monu that they would get almost hundred times more money by selling those flowers than what Monu had spent on them."

Ramu's dad wasn't aware what would it yield by giving just one rupee to a 5 year old kid apart from just teaching financial education. Neither Monu was aware what his play with balloons and water would result in apart from his playing pleasrure. Both of them did their acts just naturally as normal human beings. But the acts of both were so powerful that they showered the blessings of God on Ramu's family. Similarly friends! even in our lives we keep engaging ourselves in so many acitvities for different reasons. Just keep doing all of them with your full heart. You never know as to which act of yours will yield the treasure of life for you. Hence I proclaim that 'every act counts'.
I have done my little act of writing my small story on this blog. I hope to see your feedback as a small return act on is.mohanbn@gmail.com


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