Monday, September 03, 2012

Daily decision

So many of us make resolutions for every new year and often we fail in following many of them. Longtime commitment is something hard to commit to for most of us. We definitely try our best to follow the resolutions taken but sometimes our memory limit lacks the ability to remind our resolutions to ourselves. At such rare occasions we fall prey to desires and distractions and break the vow taken. Whether you steal once or hundred times you are still called the thief. Hence once we break the resolutions we don't mind breaking it 'n' number of times which drains away the meaning of resolution itself.

Since I am into the field of bodybuilding and health fitness, strict diet, disciplined workout and regular routines are some of the things I need to be really specific about for rewarding results. I have observed most of them very excited on the first day of joining the gym and the excitement most of the times doesn't last more than a week. Infact with myself, I have had the experience of yielding to junk food and missing workouts due to laziness many a times. I used to take a commitment for 3 months to follow strict diet and regular workout but due to some or the other reason I was never able to follow it hundred percent. This continued for almost four months since I had started. Then I adopted a new method of breaking up commitment on a daily basis. One day is good enough for us to remember the decision that we would have taken in the morning till night. Early morning I used to take simple decisions as I would workout completely for 90 minutes today and I would restrain from eating any oily or sugary food only on that day. This was something very easy to follow because the mind had no constraint for the next day. So it allowed me free of distractions. Next day once again I would make the same decision only for one day and it would work perfectly fine.

I started applying the same principle for other interests of mine. For example just writing one blog a day is a routine decision that I make in subconscious everyday. You can decide on whatever you want to improve and make one decision per day and follow it perfectly. The short term commitment is something which is very easy to fulfil and also it doesn't get out of our minds very easily. I make some new decisions on different days and enjoy following each one of them. Hope this helps you too. Do share your opinions and feedback on

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