Saturday, September 22, 2012

Calmness counts

Once Swami Vivekananda and his disciple were travelling by foot to a village. On the way they saw a river and Swami Vivekananda asked his disciple to get him some water for drinking. When his disciple went near the river, he saw that people were washing clothes, vessels and animals and some were taking bath in the same river. As a result the river water was very dirty and unfit for drinking. The disciple reported the same to Swami. Then both of them walked away from there and in the evening while returning back from the village they stopped at the same place near the river and once again Swami Vivekananda asked his disciple to get him some water for drinking. The disciple obeyed the order and saw to his surprise that the river water was very clean and clear and got it for his Swami. Then Swami Vivekananda asked his disciple as to what he had learnt from this experience. So the disciple was wondering as to how the dirty water of the morning had become clean drinking water within a matter of few hours. Then Swami explained to him that when sufficient time was allowed for the water to settle, all the dirt were separated away and clean water remained back. Likewise there is always lot of clutter of thoughts, feelings and tensions in our minds of which we cannot get rid off at once. So we need to allow sufficient time for the unclean thoughts to drain away so that the mind remains calm.

No doubt that in this busy world where responsibilities are pounding one upon the other racing the order of priorities in our lives, we are bound to be stressed with multiple work on our minds. Sometimes we even forget the importance of which work to be done first or which work later. There spring up instances when either fun or work fail to give the necessary excitement to life. Everything seems to be less interesting with a strange sense of dissatisfaction of lacking something in life that could spice up some joy. Then hundred percent commitment and passion do not get into any work. Visions and dreams start feeling less important in front of the temporary unhappiness at heart. Every human being is bound to go through such instances 'n' number of times in life. Just be ready for it friends! You cannot keep getting frustrated during all such instances. Allow time to pass by. Time will filter off the unnecessary thoughts and help you refocus on your goals once again and you can restart all over again with full zeal. Infact a conscious revision of your own goals, dreams and visions can hasten the process of coming out of this hibernation process. Just be calm enough to take care of the disturbed mind because calmness counts.

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