Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Experience is something that we build as time progress with our age. As all of us know, everything has a limit. So does experience. New challenges and problems keep coming as we move ahead in life. There are some problems that repeat and there are some that are new. The first time we face any particular problem we are unaware as to how to solve it and also we don’t have a prior experience of having faced it. This makes the situation even more challenging. That is where comes into the picture of a back-up called as EXPERIENCE.
I am calling this experience as back-up because this is a experience which we haven’t  got on our backs but it lies as a back-up in someone else’s kitty. It so happened that in last few days I was on bad health for sometime. I knew what medicine would suit my body at such situations of cough and cold and I used to apply them before to resolve the matter. This time the cough took a serious form and started severe trouble. None of my earlier methods worked, even the doctor’s consultation couldn’t make any impact. That is where the back-up of experience came as my saviour in the form of my dad’s experience. He suggested me few medications which I implemented immediately and saved myself a lot of trouble. This was possible because I came across a new problem for which I had no experience or learning to solve but could take the help of my father’s experience  to resolve the same. When you don’t have the experience just buy it from the one who has it is the lesson that I learnt from this experience of using else’s experience to build my own experience.
No doubt that it is impossible for a single person to go through all the hardships to learn all the solutions for all the problems in life. Different people go through different problems and build different experiences. One doesn’t have to spend all his time to undergo different experiences. Just buy the experiences of others when you haven’t had them and use them wherever and whenever necessary. In this regard, one of the strongest methods that I would like to suggest is to read autobiographies and biographies of great people which comprise of a variety of important experiences.
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