Thursday, August 23, 2012

Uncommon from the common

Probably you're still wondering as to what the title means. Before proceeding let me make it clear that this blog might not apply to all. Generally I write blogs which are generic enough which can be felt and experienced by almost all the people in all the situations but this blog is going to be an exception. This blog is dedicated to those exclusive set of people who feel they are quite different from the general public around. Some individuals exist who don't care about the norms of the society having a very high level of thinking and find it quite difficult to get down to the level of ordinary man's thinking. If you're one among these, you need not feel odd about it as I have the solution for you.

Sometime back when I was watching an interview of Dr.Kamal Hassan in a management college he made a statement something similar to this (as I don't remember the exact words) - "At the age of 22 I thought that I was the lonely genius in this world and wanted to commit suicide but later I got down to the level of the world around and started my work". I also had had conversations with few other exceptional people in their career and success who shared the same feeling. They felt they were really talented and skilled enough and that the surrounding world didn't understand their value. I am not talking about aliens here. Some of us are like this right from our childhood. The silly ego competitions among common men don't interest us, we have some of the most brilliant ideas and thoughts that the general public doesn't even understand, we think quite different and positive than the existing pessimistic world which is always under the fear of survival. When we discuss certain topics with ordinary people, they can't even match the plane of thinking and the talk which just irritates us. When Mahatma Gandhiji announced that he would get freedom through non-violence, no doubt that people laughed at him. In today's world if you go out and say that you're equivalent to Mahatma Gandhiji in terms of thinking and work, people discard it as either you're crazy or just casting your pride around. No one seems to accept when you declare yourself as a genius. But the worst part is we know what we are and that we are right about it and hence can't take any rejections in this regard.

The world is foolish enough to buy aerated drinks just because a physically fit actor advertises for it who never uses it. If you average out the IQ of the world you will find very few geniuses and a large number of stupids, eventually due to which the IQ of the world falls even below average. So just don't worry as to how the world treats your credibility or beliefs. The world understands only factual results. There is no wrong in thinking yourself as the best in the world or the lonely genius as sir says. Just keep patience not to expect any acceptance of the same until you use your ideas and knowledge to create the unimaginable results that the world has never witnessed. All the best to those exceptional people around the globe!!!!!

A strange different concept that I wanted to share. Eager enough to get the response from the exceptional geniuses on

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