Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The 1 degree difference

Have you played golf? If not have you seen people playing golf? The golf ball is a hard white one which is kept on the ground and the player hits it hard with his golf bat. The ball travels through the air to reach the target hole. In this process if you can trace the path of the ball you can have an arc. When the same shot is repeated by the player if the ball rises at a different angle from the last trial, you can clearly have another arc traced in the air. Just imagine that this difference in the angle between first and second trials can completely change the destinations that the ball reaches. Probably if you have played angry birds you can find this difference but I took the example of golf here because it travels a lot of distance. Our life also is a long journey in itself.

When we are having a destination or a goal in our mind and we work towards it, it is obvious that we come across a lot of challenges and problems. No doubt that we have to deal with each one of them and reach our destination. But are we really travelling towards the destination that we want to reach? If the golf player was an ace player he would have hit the ball keeping the target in the mind. On the other hand if he was an amateur he would have just striked the ball and the ball would have found its destination. Something similar happens with most of us. We are unaware about the clarity of our goals and are just going through life. As a result of this amateurish behaviour we end up reaching wrong destinations or I can say that we don't end up accomplishing our goals. If one can be clearly aware of the goal of his/her life then he/she can take up everyday of life and prioritize only that path which would lead him/her to the target that's set in the mind. We know that when the goal is different the problems that come are also different. So just by choosing the right goal that we intend to reach we can clearly select the problems that we need to face.

When the golf player plays his strikes a difference of just 1 degree can completely change the targets that the ball reaches. In the same way our small difference in action can completely change the goals that we reach in our lives. How well we can define and describe our goals determines the course of action that we will take. Beware and recheck your goals once again else you might be ending up in the wrong place just because of a one degree difference.

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