Sunday, August 19, 2012

Thank you Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam sir

Narration of any experience is so very important so that those not involved in the experience also are made aware of the experience. Similarly valuable lessons for life need to be constructed into words so that many can learn easily just by reading these words. There are so many quotes and I thank all the originators of the quotes for bringing feelings, emotions and lessons from life's experiences into verbal form. One such orginator whom I specially thank is Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam sir for his amazing statement "Dreams are not those which you see during sleep, dreams are those which don't let you sleep".

In one of the conversations today with one of my best friends about the topic of waking up early in the morning I was just reminded of how I used to question everyone about this topic sometime ago. I couldn't wake up early in the morning earlier and used to ask everyone about how I could accomplish it. But today I wake up at 4:30A.M early in the morning to get ready to go to the gym. Bodybuilding is a passion that I have taken up seriously now and have completely altered my daily schedule to meet my requirements to wake up early in the morning to go to the gym. Working out in a gym to have a fit body was one of my dreams for which I am working today. This dream has gone so deep into the subconscious of mine that even on those nights when I sleep late, still my mind wakes me up at 4:30 A.M the next morning. This experience of mine coincided perfectly well with the statement of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam sir. Similar experiences had happened while I used to study for my exams in my school and college days. The dream of topping the exams wouldn't allow me to sleep. Probably I couldn't explain this to anyone in words as it just happened whenever necessary. Hence I thank our ex-president for framing this into a fantastic sentence which can be a guideline to lot others devoid of this experience.

Sometimes we learn from our own experience, sometimes based on the advice of others. Great men have lived their years of lives learning the most solid lessons for a successful life and have penned them down onto paper in the form of quotes and books. My sincere advice to all my dear readers would be to have no doubt on any statement made by great men and just follow them modulated to your current lifestyle to take the maximum advantage of the years of life of experiments and results lived by these men.

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