Friday, August 10, 2012

Sacrifice the luxury sometimes

I am not speaking about renouncing everything that you have like Budhdha, I am just advocating one to see the part of life without luxury also. Today, I see so many obese people around and the shocking fact is that obesity is catching up even with kids. Small children who are supposed to be playing, runnning and jumping around are being pampered so much that they are not unable to drain off the calorie-intake. KFCs and McDs are just hotspots for today's kids along with other fast food junk. Parents have become so possesive of their kids that they are always safeguarded against any injuries or pain. As a result of this excessive care and nourishment today's kids are growing up only to expect the same care later in their lives in the world which completely turns out to be a disappointment that can't be beared.

I am damn sure that you would have heard stories of your ancestors who used to walk miles together just to study in a school, who read under streetlights like Sir.M.Visveswaraiah to pass their exams, who slept on a stone due to lack of proper hut, who went fasting days together due to lack of money. From that phase they have build their life and the life of further generations that today's generation is enjoying. The real desire to have a better life comes from the lack of it at the first place. All of us know that 'Necessity is the mother of all inventions'. Similarly 'the derth of something is the birth of the desire to achieve the same'. If you have been always provided with food at regular time intervals then you would have never felt hungry at all. If all your wishes are being catered to by your parents then there is no hunger in you to work for anything because already all your desires are getting answered. Then for what does one have to live a life for? I still remember the statement of Shah Rukh Khan who used to work for twenty hours a day during his earlier part of the career which goes like this "I was afraid that I would be poor if I didn't work hard". King Khan had realised the difficulty of being poor and that's what made him work hard to become the Badhshah of Bollywood. If you haven't tasted bitter then you can't appreciate the sweet, if you haven't faced the failure then you can't appreciate and enjoy success. So its time to sometimes sacrifice the luxury that you have and walk the hard path only to appreciate what God has blessed upon you already.

Try to walk to your college or office once in a while instead of taking the vehicle so that you can appreciate your very own legs, try to fast a day once in a while to test your stamina, try to extend yourself continuously studying or working just to know the value of sleep. Sacrifice some of your wishes to be satisfied from your parents, take a challenge to earn them on your own doing part-time jobs. Luxury need not be always car or a bungalow, anything that you get without working for is luxury, anything that you earn is always your asset. Sacrifice your small luxuries to learn great lessons to build bigger assets.

This has been a lesson that I have learnt right from my childhood. Please share yours as well on

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