Saturday, August 25, 2012

Restart from Scratch

All of us start our lives right from our birth. We are all the same on the first day of our birth unaware of alphabets, numbers, concepts, formulas, current affairs etc. Probably we remain the same for almost one year from our birth. We start learning things one by one, one after the other. Many of us are lucky to be enrolled in an institution for a structured form of studies to understand the world around. We also know that human memory doesn't store all of what we study. We sometimes go back to study what we have already learned only to understand it with more clarity though those concepts are very basic. This is what I call as 'Restart from Scratch'.

We are already busy with so many responsibilities in our hands and the day to day issues. Along with that we are also forced to keep updated with the current world ongoings just to be competent enough for our very own survival. In doing so, we rush through the load of information that keeps pouncing upon us from different media like newpapers or radio or television or internet or people. We also take up different courses to understand different subjects in further depth for years. Still one fine day we find that we don't remember what we had learned for 3-4 years and just need to revise all of it back to start applying it. This happens with most of the degree courses. This is not something that is odd as it happens with all. More than this sometimes due to compounding work our capacity to handle all of them just gets exhausted and we start feeling as if we will never be able to do all of them. Be it studies which are forgotten or the umpteen amount of work that exceed our to-do list, both of them start putting their stress upon us to handle them. At this point one will be left in the hallow of confusion of what to do or what to plan because everything seems at high priority and to be done immediately. This is the point we feel like restarting from the scratch reorganising our goals and priorities once again.

Just be sure of one thing which is that even if you are restarting from scratch, your work and efforts may start from scratch but you already own the experience of having done it before. This is what will make your progress faster when you restart. This experience of yours will help in better planning and execution moving forward. But don't be complacent that everything will be completed in the way you imagined because new challenges are awaiting you and tough calls will come up once again asking you to restart from scratch. How well you can avoid these restarts depends on how well you have learned the lessons from previous failures and have a foolproof plan to avoid them next time.
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