Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Guidance for untreaded path

Christopher Columbus is one of the prominent examples who quite often took the untreaded path. He was an explorer who sailed across huge oceans to discover new landscapes. Probably no one had ever treaded the paths that he set upon. The reason he was the discoverer of many places on the world map was because he set out to take the path that's often forbidden by the ordinary with a vision to explore and know the world better. There would have been numerous people who would have advised Christopher before he set out for his journey. People would have definitely warned him about the high seas and storms, fierce winds, cunning pirates and lots more but the truth was that people had never explored the path that Christopher would be starting but still gave their blemished advices.

How is it possible for one to guide any person along lines which he/she himself has never travelled on before? Infact it is almost impossible to provide guidance along a path which one has never seen before. When one decides to take upon the challenge to walk the unknown path, immediately doubts, questions and fears start pouring on him/her from the surroundings. The worst part is that all these are thrown by those who actually don't have enough courage to take the same step and are under the shadow of 'Fear of Unknown'. People have got used to the natural flow of things in life. Something new or unknown or a change always frightens them. This has spread into the psychology of people so deep that any new act of expedition to explore the unknown is always considered as risky and dangerous. Still there are quite few examples of exceptional cases in this world wherein men were courageous enough to go beyond fears and take up the risk to conquer the darkness of unknown merely with their visions. Likes of Christopher Columbus were Steve Jobs, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dhirubhai Ambani, J.K.Rowling and many more who took the offbeat path and beat the odds to materialise their dreams into reality.

When you have strong belief backed up with the right guidance of the mentor who knows the way often untraced by others, you can fearlessly move ahead. The most important factor that will determine your success will be the self-belief and self-motivation that you can restore in yourself time and again. Life is not meant to be glued on to the cushions of safety all the time, it's meant to be expanded and explored to unleash the limits of life and the strengths within. Listen to the right guidance from those who know the path and not from those who are afraid to see the new path. Life is once, live it to the fullest.

I am all set to take up one such unconventional path that my entire family hasn't set foot in till now. If you have similar story please share it on is.mohanbn@gmail.com

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