Tuesday, August 07, 2012

God has lots to offer

Oftentimes in our day to day life its really hard to find people who are completely satisfied in life. Everyone keeps blaming one or the other for the lack of something in his/her life. In most of these cases the target is God only because no one can question Him to find out the real truth. Some blame it on fate which indirectly refers to God. "Man proposes but God disposes" is a famous one-liner among us humans but just believe friends that God always has a better plan than yours.

However coming to the point of what can we expect from God or how much can God shower upon us is completely in the hands of the humans. God can only respond to what you ask and you work for more importantly. I remember this famous example of a person who once asked God to help him win a lottery for one crore rupees. He did severe penances asking for the same for many years but his wish never fructified. Finally one day he died and went to heaven. He was very furious with God that He hadn't responded to the man's penances. This soul of the human went and shouted at God as to why his wish wasn't fulfilled. The God gave him a tight slap and asked him whether he had bought a lottery ticket at the first place. The poor soul got disappointed as he had never bought a lottery ticket and shut his mouth. Proabably this was a very funny example but it has loads to teach us if we are ready to learn. Only if the person had bought the lottery ticket probably his years of penance would have got saved and he could have enjoyed the money in his life. He forgot to do his primary duty and wasted his entire life. Similarly, most of us crave for something but work for something else. Someone wants to become rich and keeps praying God to shower on him loads of fortune but never works for the same. There is no system in the unvierse which runs on zero input. Only if you input some work can God amplify it to give you big amounts of output.

Just observe yourself on a daily basis on what are the things that you complain about, what are those desires that you are wishing would get fulfilled by God. Note them down and ask yourself honestly whether you have even started a single action in any of those directions. If not better begin else sacrifice the thought of it. If you have already started working on what you're asking for then you would have definitely found out the future of it because God definitely sends signals. Folks! stop worrying for what you haven't got, start giving your action inputs on what you want and God will for sure bless upon you the rewards that you deserve. Rememeber, God has lots to offer, only if we make sure to give inputs and also remember that only actions speak not words.

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