Thursday, August 30, 2012

Feel, Felt, Found

'Feel, Felt, Found' is one of the age old philosophies used by wise men to solve problems of others in this world. I am glad enough that I was able to learn this quickly in my life during my experience in sales and marketing. Some call it a technique, some say its lying. Well all that doesn't matter as long as it serves the purpose of improving one's life. Humans are all about feelings, they buy things not out of logic but out of feeling. As a result this is a technique used by many sales professionals to improve their sales conversions. The bigger role played by this method is to solve misconceptions and help build a better harmonious relationship between people.

Whenever a person is in problem, quite often one thinks that it is the problem which he alone is facing in the entire world. Its very normal that we see our problems bigger than that of others. It is the trend of human psychology followed from years together which will continue forever with the majority. When the person is unable to solve the problem, he goes to a wiser man seeking a solution. If the wise person suggests a solution directly and if it involves some correction within the problem holder, then its difficult for him to accept as it will hurt his ego because most think that they have acted exactly right in their situation. At this time the wise man recollects one of his past experiences similar or sometimes the same to the current problem of the person and explains how he had felt at that time. He shows the same emotions and feelings that turmoiled his peace of mind just like they are doing for the problem holder now. As a result of which the wise man actually feels the pain of the problem of the other person right in himself right at the moment of giving the solution. Then the wise man explains how he found a solution for himself to come out of the problem. This step is more than enough for the problem holder to understand how another human being could get out of the problem similar to that of his and hence can apply the same in his life.

On very few exceptions, some are satisfied by the hope of having understood that the problem was not new and it had a solution already applied by someone else but still want a specific solution for their problem. Its easy to sow the seeds once the field is ploughed well. Similarly its easy to sow the solutions once the pessimistic barrier is broken. Then its a cake walk for the wise to suggest the simplest solution that can easily solve the problem. This builds more trust and strengthens the relationship between the wise and the novice.

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