Saturday, August 25, 2012

Decipher the discussion

Decipher means to read or interpret. We keep talking day in and day out with ourselves and others. Which are those times we actually discuss? Few instances in a day wherein we discuss on different topics hold some concrete data however stupid the topic of discussion might be. How many discussions do we remember point to point depends on how deep the discussion touched our intellect. We keep conversing with our friends everytime we meet or call or chat. But there are special occasions where some really serious discussions happen. These discussions actually help in resulting in a better understanding of each other involved in the discussion. Probably lot of insight would have gone in the discussion itself on the topic but later once you are home you can go back to decipher the discussion to learn more from it. This is the experience that I want to share with my dear readers today.

Today, I had a fabulous discussion with one of my best friends whom I know from almost 3 years now. I have had many discussions with him on different topics but today's discussion was something special. Until now most of the topics used to be just plain exchange of opinions or factual matters but today's discussion was about a new venture that we would be coming up with. We had a mild discussion about the same about a week back and had come to decisions of the ways of its execution. I feel this earlier discussion was just a preface to what happened today. Today we were able to criticize our own approach which we had planned around a week back. We were able to modulate a new way to project our venture. We had points and reasons tossing between each other on the table. Then both of us gave our thoughts about them based on our experience. I am more of a guy having a background of addressing masses as an inspirational speaker. My friend is an ace tech-expert who knows the technology and its applications to the best detailed level possible. When both of us sat down to discuss as to how we make the technological applications meet the masses, it was a wonderful travel time for almost 3 hours. I understood more about how technology is perceived among common men and among the people in industry. I shared my thoughts on how this point needs to be communicated with the general public to have the maximum impact.

By the end of our discussion we could formulate key points and almost an agenda-like document for the new venture that we would be coming up with. This was such a fruitful learning for us itself that we were able to clearly put down our thoughts into an organised form of words. Even after I came home the points on which we discussed upon are roaming  in my mind and I can clearly see a rise in perception level in myself and my friend. Hoping to have more such discussions to learn more and grow more.
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