Saturday, July 21, 2012

Slightly hatke

A very slight minute change in the normal routine can just surprise the human mind in such a way that it can almost take away a day long thinking time of a person. Just yesterday it so happened that one of my very best friends sent me a mail with nothing written except for the subject and that too the subject was a question about my phone. As I didn't know that it was a blank mail, the moment I saw the mail from her with this subject I opened it and was scrolling up and down to search for the content in the mail. After good amount of scanning I realised that there was no content at all in the mail. This kept me wondering! I was thinking all day as to 'why did she ask this question?', 'why was this question sent in a mail?' and that too 'why was this question put in the subject itself without having any content?'. I was trying to figure out all day the reason behind this mail. If it was just for an information she could have asked me over a message or a phone call or a ping on chat but why did she send such a no-content-only-subject mail? was running in mind all day long for which I couldn't find an answer. After much thinking I gave up to reason out myself and asked her directly. Then I found out that she just needed an information about it and as I was offline at that time she just sent out a mail as she used to in her office for short mails which didn't require explanation but just the subject was enough. It was as simple as this.

That is when it flashed to my mind that how a simple change in style of asking for an information could attract so much of my mental energy and thinking time. This is what I call as 'slightly hatke'. Just think about it pals, we are often bored of doing the same old things that we do everyday in the same old fashioned way. Everything that follows a certain pattern starts getting boring after sometime. Even if its not getting boring atleast the surprise element is lost in that activity. People will seldom recognise you when you're doing the same activity as they think you do. You won't be able to attract one's attention unless there is some different style attached to the same work of yours. Forget attracting others' attention, we ourselves start losing interest when the work gets monotonous and there's nothing new or different style associated with it. Probably this is the main reason today why students are losing interest in studies, employees are losing interest in their jobs, players are losing interest in their sports and so on and so forth. Talking about sports the IPL was a big hit just because it was slightly hatke from the normal form of cricket. It was shorter than the one-dayers. It had the concept of super over in case of a tie. It had dance for fours and sixes. Though the same cricket players played the same cricket with the same international rules, few additions here and there and the slightly hatke style of aggresive cricketing caught the interest of all the people.

So the moral of this experience for me is to be slightly hatke in style whenever you are doing the same old fashioned work. Try out something new which can spice up your everyday routine. Try adding a cinematic dialogue in your conversations for sometime. When you start feeling bored about that after sometime try out some shayaris in between your conversations. Keep innovating. I gave an example of conversation because I am an ace converser. I converse with everyone I meet, even if its just for two minutes in an elevator, an elevator pitch you see! Keep sharing your feedback on


  1. How do u think of all these and put them in words so legibly Mohan ? Hats off

    1. Its all been a result of doing what you said on a daily continuous basis

  2. When one thinks Hatke and do the things hatke, the result is gonna be super hatke.. Good one Mohan ji