Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Recognize your life's story

Recently I was invited along with my mentor, Er.Sujit Lalwani to give an inspirational talk to students in Kundapur. The talk was organized by Saraswathi Group of institutes and Akshaya Coaching classes led by Mr.Rithesh Kamath and Mr.Rama Murthy respectively. The talk was sponsored by Moodlakatte Institute of Technology, co-sponsored by Arena Point, Veta One, Chinmayi hospital, Shree Krishna Educational Trust and Gold Jewellers including the media and banking partners as Suddhimane and Axis bank.

During this talk I happened to share my story of life during which I had my own challenges and how I had overcome them. I also shared the story of Sri. Narayan Murthy sir who was responsible to make INFOSYS the face of Indian software industry. After I narrated both these stories a powerful thought was lingering in my mind which comes in front you in the form of this blog.

When I had to go through the struggles of my life, I had no other option but to grow through them. Probably optimistic attitude and a liking for challenges always pushed me to win over every defeat and create records. At that time of my life all I had done didn't seem much bigger. It was all a flow that had to flow but later today when I turn back and see I can clearly see how inspirational I was to myself. If I had taken even one wrong decision at any of those critical points of my past, probably I wouldn't have been writing this blog today. In the similar fashion, I have also been inspired by listening to lot of others' life stories. Some of them were great phenomenal leaders well known all over the world while some were leaders of their own lives. When we read autobiographies of great people, we tend to see some similar incidences and qualities in our very own lives. Great men have always recognized the greatness in them that has inspired them and have shared it with the public while others fail to recognize their own capabilities. Everyone of us have been put to tests in life by the circumstances around us. Everyone of us would have fought through some of them and would have come out successful. The point here is whether you recognize your potential at these junctures or you just move on forgetting it. If you spot that experience as a strength of yours, you will add it to your inspiration and move on to greater tasks else you are just undermining yourself. 

Once you recognize the inspirational story of your life make sure that you're sharing it with people around you. Some might value it, some might just neglect it while some might feel that you're boasting about yourself. Please be immune to any of these outcomes. You are sharing only to spread the knowledge of yet another inspirational story. If sharing this is to be called as boasting about oneself then every autobiography writer has done the same through a book not just by a talk. Inspiration is suppose to be spread throughout the world through different means and you are a messenger through your story, that's it. Care enough to note down every inspirational incident of your life and share it with the world.

Please share your life's inspirational stories with me which I would love to read on


  1. Awesome it was Nageshji, the life story you unfolded was really heart touching

  2. Thanks a lot Ritheshji for making this event happen