Thursday, July 19, 2012

A day to start with

As I start off my blogging in the morning itself today I feel that today is a bit different than other days. I am feeling sad on one side that I missed my gym today but on the other side I am atleast content that I have used the same time to write my blog. Seeing the positive side of anything is very important else you might just end up in the pit of guilt from which it is hard to come out. But as I just glance through the imagination as to what all I would be doing today it all seems covered up with lot of stuff. Very important for me would be to make sure that my priorities are addressed in the right order throughout the next sixteen hours. That's why I named this blog as 'a day to start with'.

Amidst so many work that is clogging our mind, we seldom get time to visualise something that will happen in future. Most of the times either we are busy contemplating what happened in the past and why it happened or our brain is completely busy in completing the present task at hand. Friends! just give ten minutes early morning even before you think that your day has started to just visualise as to how you want this day of yours to be. Just try to imagine yourself smiling all the day, making people feel good, completing lot of tasks without any tension and be lively and energetic all through the day. You can set the set of values that you will be following today no matter what happens. You might just decide to be helpful to anyone you find who is in need of help. You can easily plan the duration of time that will be required to complete any major work. More than that when the mind is free in the early morning and trying to search for a clear plan, all those tasks that seek your highest attention come on your mind immediately. Make sure that you're just putting all those thoughts into a neat To-Do list so that your mind doesn't have to worry as to what to do next when it is engulped in confusion. You can even list out the people with whom you would want to connect either through internet or phone or a personal meeting. Even that person will feel happy that you planned to sync up with him/her. Let's spread happiness folks!!!!!

The biggest advantage of this ten minutes of thought-process early morning before you start your day is that your day will get organised to the best perfection level. I can challenge you that most of the times we can't remember what have we done on most of the days. All of them seem similar rather same and there would be no special moments to remember a day barring a very few exceptions of occasions of celebrations. Why not strive to make everyday a memorable one only if you can plan in those early ten minutes of the day as to what you
would be doing today to make s
ure that this day remains in your memories forever!
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