Thursday, June 07, 2012

When a smile flashes light

"Smile is a curve that sets many things straight" - What better explanation than a mathematical one for something that is so special as SMILE. May be God blessed only Karna of Mahabharatha with different jewellery all over his body at the time of birth but He din't forgive to asset everyone with the most luxurious jewellery of life called SMILE. Unfortunately Karna lost every piece of jewels that he was blessed with in due course of his life but this special gem SMILE stays with us forever until our death and also after death in some hearts and memories. Its only a choice whether you want to wear this precious element over your face alltime or save it only for special occasions.

I used to have a dream in childhood that wherever I am going I should see people all of whom would be smiling at me and wishing me. So I used to say 'Hi' to every person whom I knew on the road or on the pavement and give my best smile. 'Give respect take respect' was taught to me in school. I just extended it to 'Give smile take smile'. Having a smiling face is one of the best gifts you would have got from your parents. Thank God! that there is no eligibility criteria of marks or rank to smile at someone or to be smiled at. Smile at the security guard while entering office or school. If you know his name wish him accompanying with his name. This best combo of a smiling wishing can make the day enjoyable for him. Sound cannot travel as fast and as strong as light. Even if you are far away from a person give a wide smile if you can't or don't want to shout. That smile itself would have reached the eyes of the other person. How nice would it be when you are walking through the cafeteria and you are smiling and wishing people at every step. Probably others who don't know you might think of you as a celebrity. What's wrong in feeling like a celebrity! When just a girl's smile can make boys go mad can't your smile make a stranger a friend. Trust me I have tried and tested this and it works. I have made many friends starting just with a smile.

There is always a soothening effect of a smile. Just imagine that smile of a just born baby which is toothless. It can make you forget every worry of life for a momemt. Lets continue this string of moments in life. Perhaps there will be certain times when you are really down and not even able to lift your cheeks. That is the time the seeds which you would have sown earlier reap the fruits. The moment you see a person he will smile at you first because he knows that's your special trait. 'For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction' as Newton says. So that smile will light up the smile inside you. Especially if that person to flash the morning smile on a guy is a beautiful girl you just have to say "Subaan Allah"!!!!!!!!!!!

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