Wednesday, June 20, 2012

HARD to change but NECESSARY

"Change is the only constant thing on this earth". I feel there is no argument about this statement. Its not only valid for the earth but valid for our lives too. Yesterday I blogged that we need to learn from pain. Today we will see the next step which is nothing but implementing the lesson. Lesson once learnt but not implemented is equivalent to unlearning it. In the constantly changing world when we have 'n' number of priorities, it becomes increasingly tough to decided what actions to perform at what time. A definite plan is necessary so that the output of our actions are at the optimum level. Let's see going forward about the need for change in our life.

I used to generally come home from office by 9:30pm and do my blogging. Due to this I would have to go to sleep a bit late. I also had to go to gym in the early morning at 5:30am. Since I was going to bed late, I couldn't complete the 8 hours of sleep suggested for those who workout daily. On the other hand due to this I have missed going to gym few days. That is when it got me thinking as to what I need to do in order to be regular to the gym. The simple answer was to sleep early. But if I do that I wouldn't be able to blog, which I couldn't accept because ABAD{A Blog A Day} is a commitment. When both these priorities came at the same time the only thing that could be done was CHANGE my routine. I had to change the time I blog so that I can go early to bed. That is the reason I am writing this blog at 7:15pm itself today. Whenever you feel that you'ren't able to do all the things that you wish to do then the only answer is CHANGE. It might be hard to change, you might not see any possible way or reordering things but you can't help it if it's necessary, you'll have to change. You'll have to break the old pattern and introduce a new pattern in your daily schedule. Only then you'll be able to accomplish all the things that you wish to do.

Unfortunately people are much aversed to the thought of change. If you ask the working people if they can change their schedule, the first expression will be of that wide eyebrows. We have tuned our mind to do the same things that we are doing day in and day out. It seems difficult to introduce a new methodology. This is the time you should erase the program and think of the goals to be achieved and change your routine accordingly. If the world followed the same style of lighting fire from rubbing stones we wouldn't have seen lighters today. If the old-fachioned style of dressing with leaves was followed still we wouldn't have been so fashionable today. Everything has to undergo a change as per requirement. Just taking a decision to change is not enough. Succeeding the decision, there must be immediate action taken to implement the change required which is what I am doing with my blog for today.

I hope your will break your old pattern of just reading the blog without commenting for today and respond with your opinions on the topic of CHANGE on


  1. Done ;) One more good inspiring article. Keep going. Good luck :)

  2. Definatly sirji ,Change is constant in life which make us to learn through our up and downs in life.which will be a guiding force of your followers . 'Be the change you want to see in others words of M.Gandhi' you have done it and ur example for many human beings !!

  3. Thank you Santhosh and Hitesh for your feedback :)