Thursday, March 15, 2012

Want to know about Datawarehousing?

As I am working in the IT industry I thought of taking up a technical topic for today's task of ABAD(A Blog A Day). I would be discussing about datawarehousing concept today. Datawarehousing comes under the umbrella of database management system ie DBMS. DBMS is one of the strongest counter-part of OS which together form a giant system architecture.

Information in this world is scattered in different places in different forms. If all these information can be collected and kept in one single space then it would be very easy for analysis. But how to get the information stored in different sources to one place? This is a big question to answer. Before proceeding further, if we accomplish the task of bringing all data from different sources into one system it will be very easy for analysis, very easy to compare different factors and supportive enough to take decisions based on the analysis. This is the concept and reason for datawarehousing on a generic note.

Getting into more technical depth, when data is stored in the tabular form we call them tables. Different tables consisting of different information when stored in one particular space it becomes a dataspace or a database. If many such dataspaces exist which have common information but in different structures of tables it will not be easy for us to compare them as table structures vary. At this point of time we model a standard structure of tables in a separate dataspace and trasfer all information from other dataspaces to this standard dataspace. This process is called datawarehousing.

The process of extracting data from source dataspaces into target dataspace such that data structure is modified to fit into the standard model is known as ETL(Extract-Transfer-Load). Once we do this we can see the data in standard tables of target tablespace using a reporting tool on a web-enabled interface. This concept of software products is used by big businesses to make decisions at the higher management levels. The revenue of such software products runs from millions to billions.

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