Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dekha tho tuje yaar dil mein baji guitar !.!.!.!.!

Dekha tho tuje yaar dil mein baji guitar !.!.!.!.!
This line from one of the old hindi songs aptly applies to everyone of us. Its so obvious that every living being is amused to see the muse in another of the same or similar kind. Every human being has the basic instinct of excitement whenever he/she comes across a new thing or new place or new person the degree of which may vary. When the excitement level reaches a particular level then you get the music inside that of the guitar. Then you say Dekha tho tuje yaar dil mein baji guitar !.!.!.!.!

Let me get a bit personal in this context. It was the time of school days upto 7th standard when everything was about play. Then started the high school followed by undergraduation wherein all focus was on studies, marks and ranks. Then came into engineering being at the verge of completing the teenage. This was the era of 4 years of transition from a schoolchild to an adult called the youth. Crush and love were the topics which were spoken more than the syllabus. Naturally it is the basic instinct at this age for any person to get attracted towards the opposite sex.

'Love at first sight' was a theorem unproved for every single. Most of us were striving hard to prove it. Thank God! that we failed most of the times. A glimpse of a beautiful face would make my smile bigger than before. Infatuation was the word given to this feeling. Nothing to feel guilty about it. I would take it positively because the next one hour I would be more energetic, more enthusiatic and less sleepy for sure. Another smiling face in the corridor would rise the music volume inside the mind, sorry inside the heart. Goosebumps were bound to occur whenever there was a chance to converse with good looking girls. White skin-u; girl-u come-u, mind-u reverse-u gear-u was the suitable line for a lunch break because girls from bio-tech department also used to come to the canteen. Every gorgeous girl would make the butterflies fly inside me. I was confused as to what to name this feeling. Then I decided when you have a feeling just FEEL it, dont think about it, sometimes brain loses connection with the heart. At the end of 4 years I could list out names of atleast 4 to 5 beauties from every department of my college catching just a glimple of whom my heart would start with - Dekha tho tuje yaar dil mein baji guitar !.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!

I know that the above story of mine is the same as those of many youth all across the globe. Lets go to the next level of this feeling. As I said before, the basic instinct of every human is excitement and happiness upon seeing anything or anyone which or who is more exciting to look at. A child's heart starts singing for a doll. A dog's heart starts singing for a bone. A boy's heart starts singing for a girl. A mother's heart starts singing for her baby's smile. A father's heart starts singing for his children's success. Everywhere around us there are people just seeing whom our energy states can rise high enough that we become more active. Lets take the feeling from them and put the energy into work to become more productive.

A human works for other humans dependant on him/her. A human achieves success to show off among humans. A human interacts with another human for every basic necessity of life. If our entire lifestyle has been designed so by the Almighty that every moment we are surrounded by people for sure then lets make the best of use of it. Try to spot out those interesting people just seeing whom or just talking to whom or just walking with whom you would be more happy and excited. As this number increases the impulses of smile and the vigour of taste for life keep increasing which will make the life a delicious meal to savour.

Make sure that you meet eye to eye with a person atleast once in an hour in your daily life at the point of which you heart rings the bell - Dekha tho tuje yaar dil mein baji guitar !.!.!.!.!.!.!.!.!

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