Sunday, January 29, 2012


During the student life its possible to engender whatever one wants to in his field of interest. All the students have got the ability to enhance their performance with time. It is just that one needs to realize this. Though the juvenile age is ephemeral, a person remains a student forever in life. Equanimity is one of the distinct qualities of a student that can help him in difficult tasks. A good student should never try to equivocate his mistakes but must be open to constructive criticism. Erudition cannot be achieved without hardwork. Some of the esoteric concepts cannot be understood unless there is complete dedication. There are many instances that can exacerbate the calmness of the situation.
A student must be ready to face all these situations in life. If ever he is blamed by mistake he should be capable of exculpating himself from the situation. He should be ready for all kinds of exigency and face them with boldness. The extrapolation of the student life is nothing but the job one takes up. A student life should also be filled with fun for which a facetious freind like me will be very useful. Our parents try to facilitate us with the best they can give for all our experiments in life. A student should be grateful to his parents than giving fallacious reasons for his failures in his tasks. It would be fatuous of a student to underestimate his teachers. A student should not try to fawn someone just because he can get something done by the other person. He should be felicitous in whatever he says which will reflect the fervor in his talk else his words will flag off in the ambient noise.

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