Sunday, January 29, 2012


Sometimes a dupe himself is the hero of the movie. Yet he appears so ebullient on the screen. He is an eclectic combination of effrontery and foolishness. Some of the notes documented about the movie showed that the character of the hero had bcome endemic among his colleagues too. Some of the elegies seem to be funnier rather than expressing lamentation. The dissonance shown during the fights was one of the highlights of the movie. The scene where in the use of undistilled water for chemical reactions distends the gas in the balloon was too comical. Though the movie was divested of good theatres initially, it was later screened in famous ones because of its good opening. The diverged reviews given by different news reporters were quite confusing for people to understand.
Later the dogmatic observations of the twists in the movie have increased the film's popularity. Though the box office was dormant during the initial days the movie proved its efficacy to become a blockbuster within a short time. The director commented that he had used an empirical formula in the movie which was elicited after days of discussions with scriptwriters. The art director had embellished the screen with excellent sets that emulated famous monuments. The storyline wasn't enervated even a bit even though the movie was a remake. It became a run-away hit.

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