Sunday, January 29, 2012


"HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY" to all of you. August 15th marked the end of boorish rule of British and the burgeoning of dreams of free India. The Englishmen were so rude that Indian prisoners were made to burnish the shoes of jailers with their tongue. Some of the craven Indians also buttressed the unlawful policies made by the British for their personal gains. Coming to the celebration of our Independence Day, today in schools small children play musical instruments to celebrate the day of freedom. Though their tunes are cacophonous we need to appreciate their enthusiasm in celebrating the national festival. We need to praise the efforts of our freedom fighters who fought not only against British but also against the capricious , unfaithful men who betrayed their own country. These brave men underwent castigation during their struggle for freedom. Sepoy mutiny was one of the events that was the catalyst for the Freedom struggle. These soldiers called as sepoys were made to take the caustic remarks of the British army heads and also help them in their chicanery to divide and rule the country forcefully.
All these exploits of the British coagulated the hatred towards them in the indians' blood. This hatred bolstered the spirit to fight against foreigners which formed the coda of many patriotic songs. The cogent speeches made by national leaders increased the urge to fight against the foreigners even in the hearts of common men. I would like to mention in this compendium about freedom struggle that we should support our native products than becoming compliant to the use of foriegn goods to avoid them from taking over the market . Remember the British colonized India after coming for the sake of business. Our political leaders are being complaisant towards the students of India to prevent the Brain-drain. We should try to conciliate the families of freedom fighters through our actions rather than mere words. Inspite of all these efforts by our great national leaders the present situation of corruption in politics,poverty etc confounds us to think if we have really achieved independence. People tend to condone the mistakes committed by the ruling class. Let us strive for a better life of our countrymen.

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