Sunday, January 29, 2012


First of all, all your other work should be kept in abeyance before reading this article. May be what i write may seem aberrant to you at first but later you will realise it's aesthetic value. In this world, where adulterated commodities rule the market leading to abstemious diets and more some people still find a way of enjoying life with what is available waiting and protesting for the negative perspective to abate. The intention of looking only at the negative face of everything needs to be admonished in order to ameliorate the extent of satisfaction in life. Develop an antipathy towards the attitude of spotting negative aspects of anomalous events. Negative thoughts disturbing the mind are analogous to anarchy in the country.
Though mention of flying vehicles in Mahabharatha may seem anachronistic to some people , it was a thought provoking idea for some scientific minds. This is the beauty of recognising the advantageous aspect of something. Its because of ambivalent people who make ambiguous decisions due to their lack of understanding that many problems arise. Still there is a chance of amalgamating all the positive aspects of a product to alleviate its performance and provide customer satisfaction. This is what i call as the beauty of optimism. People with alacrity appreciate the good aspects of everything & will surely aggregate more of happiness in life than the rest. Though it is not possible to completely abscond from the hurtful truths of life, people should make an attempt to reach the postive side of things. This is what beauty is all about more than physical one. This is the attitude that will make everyone's life

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